What’s School Council all about?

Mrs Tucker and Miss Jenkins put together a team called School Council, which is a group of representatives from every year group. There are two children from each class, and Mrs Tucker runs the Green Team while Miss Jenkins runs the group of RRR Ambassadors.

What do school council do? 

School council meet every Monday morning; Green Team meet in the library and the RRR Ambassadors meet in the ICT suite. They talk about how they could make the school an even better place. RRR Ambassadors work on different projects involving rights, e.g. last year they developed a video for the RRR digital media award, which showed how we respect each other’s rights at Fairfields. Green Team work on a range of ‘green issues’ e.g. recycling and healthy eating. Every Wednesday morning each representative shares what they discussed in their previous meeting with their class. The classes are fully involved in any decisions School Council makes.

What is the plan for 2013 – 2014?

The team are looking forward to developing a link with the School Council at Castle Hill Infant School this year. They are also looking forward to supporting S.t Michael’s Hospice on their Mad Hair Day! Visit the School Council blog to see what School Council is up to.

Who are the current school councillor’s?

Green Team:

1C – Ella
1M – Ruby
2H – Seth
2JD –Xiomara
3F – Hanna
3M –Anshu
4R – William
4T – Joe
5S – Finlay
5W –Amelia
6P – Abbi
6W –Sumuthu

RRR Ambassadors: 

1M – Freya
1C – Jack
2JD – Ishaan
2H – Lizzie
3F – Taylor
3M – Daniel
4R – Kate
4T – Gemma
5S – Francis
5W – Rosie
6P – Grace
6W – Rosie

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