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PIZZA express

3M went to pizza express. To learn about food and food hygeine. We had a tour of pizza exprees and we even went upstairs. Also we made are own pizzas. At the end we had a quiz about pizza toppings and it was very hard!

Reported by Kate and katie members of the blogging club

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Book week :)

This year Fairfield’s primary school are taking part in world book week which will take place on the 11th -15th march 2013. During that week the author Guy Bass will be talking to ks2 about his latest book (stitch head). There will be a competition held at Fairfields, this will be about finding the missing characters from the book for further information please check back next week for more information.

reported by Kieran Ogrady and Khesehang rai

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On the 15 of march is RED NOSE DAY 2013 it is going to be great fun and Jessie J is shaving off  her hair, also Miranda mite be doing something for money. At lunch time on the 27 of february we will be selling red noses in the top hall.

Made by Alfie Linton (member of the bloggers)



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The new software

The mascots are a giraffe and a penguin and a very weird blob

The mascots are a giraffe and a penguin and a very weird blob

ZU3D is awsome

ZU3D is awsome

Fairfields faces a new software, and it’s up to Fairfields school to make animations to entertain…

The new software is amazing, because, you have to take lots of little photos and it turns into a whole movie.

If you are thinking of downloading it then go on google and go on: and go on the website to find out more about it before you download it. If you do decide

To get it then you need a special camera and you need to move the object a real little bit every time.

Hope, if you get it, you enjoy it!

Reported by Abigail Perkins 4T ( Blogging club)

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Miss Rees eats dog food!!


On the 26th of February, it was assembly, and miss Rees came in late and she hadn’t ate her breakfast yet, so she took a can out and started to eat it, and everyone said ‘’errrrr!’’ and miss Rees kept saying, ‘’what?’’ And she carried on. Then when she noticed she said ‘’oh.’’ Then she explained… until she said, it was mango and cherry.
What a relief. the reason was to show to not judge the thing by its cover.
by Emily.

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first day back!

On tuesday the 26th of febuary everybody came back to school

it was a normal school day every one came in and had lessons

break and lunch and then had after school club then went home

                                       first day at school mission accomplished
reported by katie rom the blogging club

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World Maths Day!


It’s World maths day in March so get practising today! if you don’t have your usename or password then ask your teacher. Anyone can do it so do it when you’ve got time!Come on! It goes from easy to hard so everyone could and I know everyone wants to!

Reported by Kate Newell

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Red Nose Day is coming!!

Some people are very excited about RED NOSE DAY!!! I hope you’ve got all of your red noses ready because its nearly here!! Abigail exlaimed,”Im going to be SUPER FROG!!” so be ready…..

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