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Choir goes to Winchester!

On Sunday the 27th January choir went to Winchester to sing at Space for Peace. These are the songs that they sang…

No wars will stop us singing, Sing for joy, After a storm, Shalom and Believe. At the end they were holding candles and singing Shalom.

These are the people that did it ….. Kate, Amelia, Olivia, Laihla, Sarah, Sumuthu, Phoebe, Poppy, Harry, Charlotte, Jessica.

Reported by Laihla, Kate and Katie from the Blogging Club

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Recycling Rachel!!!

Rachel is from the council, and she has an adorable dog. It is a teddy,called Ross. Rachel and Ross are called Recycling Rachel and Recycling Ross as nick names. what they did was sort out rubbish, you learnt recycle rules, and anything in the recycling bin that wasn’t meant to be, we chucked out. Abigail perkins,a pupil that was there, qouted,” it was really fun!”

posted by Abigail Perkins and Emily from the blogging club:c) :c)

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Clubs start today !

On the29/1/13 club start .There is Engineering club, Gym club, Blogging club, Book club, Art club. We have a lot of clubs in this school and they’re free so come to a club! There’s a lot to choose from so join one today.

By Alfie Linton(member of the blogging club)

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Bloggers are coming back!

Fairfields have got some new bloggers…would you like to know their names? We have Kate, Reuben, Katie, Soham and Laihla from Year 3. From Year 4 we have Suzy, Francis, Freya, Shalamar, Abigail, Alfie and Emily. We also have Khesehang and Kieran from Year 6.

Beware, beware, you may have some visitors because they are on the hunt for exciting news and information about Fairfields!

We are sure there are lots of fun things going on in each year – it will be our job to make sure you are able to read all about them!


From the Blogging Club

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