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Bloggers Of October- November 2015

Today, is the last day of blogging club. We thought it would be a good idea to ask the bloggers what they thought.

Nathan 5P – I thought it was really exciting because I have never ever ever done it before! 10/10!

Rhianna 4R – I think it was the best club ever and I’m going to come back after Christmas! 10/10

Lizzie 4R – I thought it was fun because I like my voice to be heard! 10/10

Reuben 6W – I think it was really good because I had lots of fun and I got to go on the computers and entertain other people. 10/10

Henry 3CM – I Like blogging club because its fun!

Isabella 5M – I liked blogging club because I got to  be with the amazing Alisha and I got to learn how to post blogs online! 6/10 ☻♦♥

Alisha 5M – It was fun because I got to work with Isabella a lot. And we did loads of of blogs together! I’d give blogging club a 9/10 ☻☺ ♥

Miss Harper – I think this year’s bloggers had a lot of good ideas to talk about.


Reported by Alisha And Isabella 😀 ☻♣SUNP0019

Bloggers of 2015!                                                            ^

Isabella >:D

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Christmas fair :D☻

This year like always we are having a Christmas fair. It’s on Saturday 28th November 1:00-4:00 and  we have loads of competitions and things for sale like food. This years competitions and activities are

Seeing Santa Clause


Pick your nose (yuck!)

Elves craft shop

Wine lower and higher

Chocolate tombola

Face painting

We hope you are going to come it will be extraordinary

reported and written by Nathan

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Keep safe on computers!

In year 6 we are doing e-safety and we have learnt how to keep safe online, which is good as lots of people play online games such as club penguin, bin weevils, roblox or minecraft. We said that some people may lie about their age online to try and get onto sites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. You need to be 13 to actually be on those sites and I have numerous friends on these sites. We also made 3 messages to stop bad things from happening online. Never give away your personal details such as where you live or, for the older people, your bank details.We heard that lots of times teens have had their parents say “don’t have any parties while we’re gone (usually for about a week. Then the teenagers ring all their friends and say “party at my place” and those friends call more and more and more and more and more… until about 500 people appear at the front door and it gets out of hand and turns from 3 friends having drum practice (or something like that) to a full scale riot. The teen who invited their friends doesn’t know what’s going on until the police turn up at the door…

I hope that explains more about e-safety and you, yes I mean YOU, keep safe on the internet. Even normal sites can be evil and take over your computer. Also, before I go, there is one site you should never go on, it’s called omegle talk to strangers…

By Reuben Shepherd 6W

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Christmas Fair!

At the end of the month, like always in November there will be a Christmas fair. (28 November 1 o’clock-4 o’clock Some of the events are…

Seeing Santa Clause


Pick your nose!

Elves Craft room

wine lower and higher game

chocolate tombola

Face painting

There will be places were you can buy things like cakes and teddy bears

We hope you will be able to come to are fair.

Reported and written by Lizzy Harker (4R)

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In case you haven’t realised there is a new BE BRIGHT BE SEEN campaign in the hall. It has a picture of your beloved new JRSO ( junior road safety officer). Doesn’t she look beautiful?

Well as you all know she did an amazing assembly on Thursday and Miss Harper decided to make a campaign about it.

The reason we need to dress bright in the night is because when you get to this time of year people can’t see you in the night and might run you over with there car. So I’m just saying that if you care about yours and other peoples safety then you will listen and who better to tell you to be safe on the road then the JRSO herself(I am JRSO Alice Mundy).

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Finding Pudsey results! :D ♥

Thank you to everyone who entered the Finding Pudsey Competition :D.

We have 6 Pudsey in total.

The Doctor Who Pudsey was in Miss Jenkins Office.

The Microphone Pudsey was beside the piano.

The Cooking Pudsey was in Freddie’s Club kitchen.

The Bicycle Pudsey was in FS.

The Pudsey who was reading was in the Library

Congratulations to everyone who got this..

Congratulations to Aaliyah Daniel in 4R who won this competition 😀

Reported by Alisha And Isabella 😀 ♥☺

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P4C Day is coming up!

Did you know we are going to have P4C day soon. Part of this is finding the hidden questions around the school. (You can collect these forms from your teacher.) This day will be like one giant P4C lesson, but will only take place in a day. Are you looking forward to P4C day? What do you think it is on in your class?

Reported and written by: Lizzy Harker (4R) 

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Children in need

Hi guys blogger Nathan here (again) and sadly children in need has ended so we have unfortunately closed all competitions so don’t try and get one of the sheets they might still be around the school but don’t enter it wont count but you may still be charged so please don’t try and enter.

Thank you for reading my blog

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The Children in Need Competitions!

This year there will be 2 Children in Need competitions.Children can take part in these. There will be children in need prizes for the winners. Both of these Competitions will cost 50p. These entry forms can be collected from Miss Harper.The  Competitions will be:

Finding all of the Pudsy bears that are sneakily hiding around the school.

Decorate a plain Pudsy bear.

closing date is Friday 13th.

By Lizzy Harker 4R

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New Topic in Year 6…DEATH VALLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In year 6 we are doing a new topic which is about death valley. we are very excited as there are lots of different places such as Badwater, The Devil’s golf course, The Devil’s cornfield, Coffin Peak, Dead man’s Canyon and Funeral Mountain. The salt flats there are thought to be the hottest place in the world, and in Furnace Creek there is a temperature of 134 degrees Fahrenheit (56.6 degrees Celsius) and not a living thing can survive in death valley…for now…

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