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Butser Farm Trip

Welcome back to our blog.

I am going to tell you some more about Butser Farm where year 3 went last week.

We dug up some treasure that they used in the Roman times.

We found china, bones, chains, money and there were bits of Hadrens wall.

We had a great time.

3M Butsers Farm 0113M Butsers Farm 040

by Isabelle

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Year 4 trip to the anvil

Year 4’s trip to the living rainforest on 22nd May 2015 was quite eventful. The start of the day was almost uncontrollable. Finally order was restored and we lined up at the door. The bus ride to Newbury was very fun because some kids started to annoy Mr P which was very clever whereas normally Mr P is the annoying one. “I fell asleep on the way.” – Jakub

When we arrived, we were quite disappointed because a really big school arrived at the same time as us so that meant the (indoors) rainforest was very busy. When we got in, we had a tour of the miniaturised jungle. When we were about halfway through, the tour guide told us that there was a sloth normally hidden in the trees however, no one could find him, wherever they went. “It was interesting!” – Ewan

Lunch was my favourite part of the day because we played. Then there were several good hiding places, but the best one had to be a hole in the hedge in the hole by the wall. When someone was at the top of the slide, the person on it would go up it only to see the other person go down. Quote – “I liked the realistic dinosaur in the bush” Zac

The sketching I didn’t like because all we did was draw. It was a bit embarrassing because I was with Ashleigh’s mum we used to be friends, not a girlfriend, so for most of the time. I was quiet.

The way back I didn’t particularly enjoy because two anonymous people really annoyed me all the way home which was a bit irritating. At the end of the trip I could finally stop getting annoyed and have some fun for last half hour of the school day.

Writing by Johnny

Blogged by Ewan

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FS and KS1 Apprentice market

DSCF3312This picture is of the CD animals made by FS children.

DSCF3324At the beginning of the market FS and KS1 children sang 2 songs – “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” and “Jellyfish”.

DSCF3307 One of the many posters made by children to decorate the market.

On Friday 26th June FS and KS1 children held their Apprentice market. They spent the week busily making a variety of items to sell. There were different biscuits and cakes, clay coral and much more. Thank you to all the mums and dads who came to the apprentice market,we raised £173.96.

by Lauren Bowden and Miss Jenkins

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Graduation 179  Last week in Basingstoke there was a carnival where many children took part. They had good fun and it was a sunny day! Thanks to the people that took part in the carnival this year!

Graduation 185Graduation 186

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Anvil Concert

Download of anvil3download

Download of anvil1

Tuesday 30/6/15 Year 4 went to the Anvil to watch a concert at  it was very good, It was very loud but it was still amazing. At the Anvil they performed the Firebird song again then they released a lot of  confetti then we went back to school.

By blogger Warren 🙂

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change over day!

It’s change over day soon!

For most of the school it’s change over day on the 13th of July.

For year five change over day is on the 3rd of July.

It’s going to be very exiting!

Change over day is the day when all of the classes get to meet their new teacher

who is going to teach them next year.

By Philip

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Butser Ancient Farm trip !!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we went to Butser Farm on a trip!!!!!!!!!!

We went in the round houses and sat near the fire.

We made some wire bracelets and rings.

We dug some treasures and i found a shell and bits of Hadriens wall.

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Thank you for all the children and people that went to see what we put in our Exhibition

Blog by Ciaran

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5T’s assembly

5T’s presentation assembly is on the 9th of July 2015 at 9am at Fairfield’s primary school.

It’s about crime and punishment.

I need to find out more about It but I’m sure it’ll be exciting.

by Philip

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Fairfields primary school sports day Thursday 9th of July 2015

Every year Fairfields primary school do sports day at the field. KS1 and fs  do it in the morning  KS2 do it in the afternoon.It’s really tiring I took a drink as the day was really hot. There were lots of sport activities to do, such as egg and spoon race, relay race, penalty shoot out, for KS1 javelin throw, welly wanging. We are going to have a picnic on the field for lunch and parents are welcome to come.   Blogged by Warren 🙂

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