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What green team have been doing

Green team have been trying to tempt people to eat more healthily, on October the 15th 2013 Amelia, Anshu and Hanna, who are all in the green team, made a powerpoint for their class assembly on the 17th of october 2013. Green team talked in their meeting a few weeks ago about a fruit bar for ks2 and if you would like to buy some fruit for brak time then it will cost around about 10p – 20p. If you have packed lunch try and make sure you have a healthy lunch because this is for your own good, if you don’t make you’re lunch then mabe you could suggest to you’re parents that it is a good idea to put something healthy, but you could have mabe 1 treat so that you will like yo’re lunch!
thank you!

Reported by Amelia Newin in bloging club (:

here is a poll that you could do:





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Year 3 news blog about trips:-)


Willis Museum

In year 3 we have been learning about Basingstoke in the past, so we went on a trip to the Willis Museum. We learnt a lot like in the olden days. They had a lot of children in those days because they needed them to work. We had to match the old objects to the pictures they were objects from the olden times not now.

Town trail

The town trail year 3 did was a lot about data.We had a clipboard of games to do like Traffic games,Light games and litter games it was very fun.We were in groups so they keep us safe.We went around Basingstoke looking at all those things i just told you about like Litter,Traffic and Light. We went through Festival place and lots more places.

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  • This school is a wonderful place it has: 14 classes ,great children , 2 bell towers and lots of decoration.


  • We have: FS1, FS2,1M,1C,2JD,2H,3F,3M,4T,4R,5S,5W,6P and 6W.


  • We have 7 years but we have year R or FS as  extra classes.


  • The school does Tennis  and we use sponge balls so no one gets hurt.


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Year 3 Autumn Trips

Over the weeks we have been learning about Basingstoke and we went on a couple of trips. One of them was the Willis museum and we leant about Basingstoke in the olden times. The other trip was the town trail and we did little surveys to find out data.

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