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Year 2 Multicultural Week

We are really enjoying Multicultural Week in Year 2. So far this week, we have visited France and learnt the names of animals in French. Next we flew to Poland where we leant about the country and played a fun polish game! We have ended the day in Wales, which was a quicker journey.

Our tastebuds have been tanatlised with delicious food from India and Italy. Why don’t you join your teachers and other classmates for Hungarian, Mexican or German food this week?!

We are still looking forward to a visit to Greece, China, Moldova, Italy, Scotland and back to France. Wow, what a busy week! Luckily we are having our passports stamped to share with you after school on Friday.

Au revoir, da bo ti, ciao, auf wiedersehen, do widzenia, 再见 zài jiàn, athio sas, la revedere, adios, namastay Ji.

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