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Red Nose Day 2015

A massive thank you to all the parents and guardians who helped support us in raising money for Comic Relief last Friday. An extra big thank you to those of you who sent in cakes for our bake sale. It was a great success!

It was a wonderful day and lovely to see all of the children’s fantastic costumes.

The most impressive costumes were voted as Katie in Year 5 for Key Stage 2 and Kamiyah in Year 2 for Key Stage 1-well done girls!

Over the course of the week we sold 840 red noses at £1 each, the money for which goes directly to Comic Relief.

The competitions, cake sale and non-uniform day raised £558.11.

The Year 6 The Voice event raised £101.

….so altogether we raised an amazing £1498.11 for Comic Relief.

Great work everyone!

Competition Winners

Who Nose?- Ayilar Sharafi

Find the Noses- Demi-Leigh Hodgkin

Design your own Red Nose- Alice Mundy

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Red nose day fun in FS


FS had a great time baking and doing lots of fun activities to raise money.Here are some photos:


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red nose day 2015

thank you  the for the money that we all raised . we raised £1498.11 for Comic Relief .

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Red nose day fun in FS

FS had a great time baking and doing lots of fun activities to raise money.Here are some photos:

DSCF1182 DSCF1194DSCF1166DSCF1150 DSCF3061

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Red nose day photos 2015

IMG_2758 IMG_2763 IMG_2772 IMG_2773  IMG_2780 IMG_2786 IMG_2792

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Kasundi Fernando

My name is Kasundi Fernando and I am currently studying at Fairfields Primary School in Year 6.I am 10 years old and 11 in JuIy. I am part of the 2015 blogging club which I do after school. I have a great family with my sister Ehansa, who is in year 1 in this school, my mum, Thanuja-who was a lawyer and my dad Krishan – an engineer . My favourite food is rice and curry as it is the staple food of Sri Lanka. I live in Basingstoke . I don’t have any pets but I would like to have a dog in the future. The secondary school I’m going to is Kendrick Grammar School in Reading. On Monday the 2nd of March year 6 children found out which school they were going to. In September I took a test seeing how good I was at English and Maths.There were only 96 places so I was pleased to find out I got a place out of 5000 people.My hobbies are swimming, dancing, drawing, reading.I like my phone and playing with it. I don’t like many songs but I do like some pop songs.I love my parents♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. I want to be a doctor when I grow up and go to Oxford University.

By Kasundi FernandoDSCF0357

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Year 2 visit Alice holt



On Tuesday 24th February 2015, Year 2 visited Alice Holt forest to study woodland habitats and trees. We had an excellent time and only got a little bit muddy!

The seed game

We learnt about the different things seeds need to grow into trees. We had to collect what we need – water, air, soil and sunlight. We had to work together to be successful.

Tree hunting!

We counted the number of different tree species we could identify by looking at different leaves and bark.

Take a closer look!

We used magnifying glasses to look really carefully at the ground and trees.

Being a tree

We worked as a whole class to become a tree. We all had different roles: We were roots, leaves, bark, and branches. We akk had different and important role to play.

Food chains

We used string and pictures to create food chains. We learnt that all food chains start with sun and that humans are at the top of the food chain.

In the afternoon we went for a short walk through the forest, we saw some dens that had been built and looked for ‘faces’ in the trees.

At the end of our walk we spotted the Gruffalo hiding in the trees. Don’t worry, he was very friendly!

What a busy day!



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year 3 stone age

In the spring term  year  3 had a stone age day. It must  have been fun  because they wore  stone age  costumes.stoneage 015 stoneage 027 stoneage 032

by Millie

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Year 3 Magic Dan

Magic Dan  came as a reward because year 3 were  extremely well behaved.

Magic Dan came in the spring term to perform some magic.

By Isabel DSCF1866

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5T fencing !!

We have been fencing with plastic foils.  We learnd how to lunge and be on guard.  It was fun but the masks smelt bad….

by Keon 🙂 🙂

Image result for fencingDSCF1192

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