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Review of the Harvest Festival


For Harvest Festival this year, the whole school sang 3 songs.

Year 6 did a story about a man who made some soup out of a magic stove and some vegetables.

Year 5 did a song called the ‘Harvest Hymm’.

Year 4 did a poem about the letters of the word Harvest.

Year 3 did a song, as did year 1 and FS.

Happily, there  was lots of food stacked up there at the front of the church.

The celebration is worthwhile because it gives you time to think about people who are less fortunate than you are.

(Written by Katie Pearmain, typed by Zara Kazi)

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Year 3 school trip to the Willis Muesem

We  went there  first  thing  in  the  morning because we wanted to learn more history. While we were at the Willis Museum we  saw:

  • parts of  cannon balls
  • champagne  glasses (made of metal)
  • tools
  • a  video  game which  was  a  new design


We  had  to  say  what  time  each object  was  invented and then we did a photo matching activity about the past and present.


Reported by Matilda


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Junior Road Safety Officers!

This year some of our children have a new job which is to be a Junior Road Safety Officer. The children doing it, are Florence and Samarth in Year 5. What they are doing is that they are telling children around Hampshire what to do around roads. The main action is to stop people getting hurt when near roads. On Friday they went to do some training with children from other schools. They are going to teach others about how to stay safe.


By William

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Year 5 Trip to Silver Stream

Last week year 5 travelled to Silver Stream for a river report. In different groups people did different things around the river one was doing a measurement and the other was sketching the river. Everyone loved it! The journey took quite a while to get there, most people fell asleep. Here is a picture of the river.


Reported by Jaime M in year 5

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Christmas presents going to poor countries

here is some Christmas presents Fairfields school did

Fairfields Primary School made Christmas present to go to Albania, Montenegro, Moldova and the Philippines because their families can’t afford presents even small ones like action figures.


Here are some pictures for you to see. Here are some Christmas presents Fairfields School made.

Reported by Ewan

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Basing house

The barn

Year 3 went to basing house and they really enjoyed it.

By Jolee and Oliver

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New people, new jobs

New people with new jobs is fantastic! Now we have more help from children around the school.

One of the jobs is voucher counter for Morrison’s vouchers because our school would like new gardening equipment. I’ll be doing the voucher counter job which I am very happy about! The whole school is putting a lot of vouchers in the box.

The Womble Team is another job and I’m sure they are going to be great at what they do ( even if they will be doing for their first time). Members of this team help to keep our playground tidy and litter free.

The other jobs there are include: librarians and young interpreters (which is helping people around the world in this school speak English for everyone to understand them).

All the other jobs are as cool as these ones so you should try and sign up for a job next year.

Reported by Jaime.M

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Year 3 trip to Basing House

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Zu3d made 4P happy!!

 4P went in the ICT  to do Zu3d. We brought in a toy and we made a movie. We were in partners. We did backgrounds, speech bubbles  and credits. We are really pleased with them!

Reported by Millie in Blogging Club

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FS join!

As every year we have new people coming to the school. Here is some of their work.

FS’ are very popular this year for years 6, 5, and 4.

Some are cute, some are funny and loads more different types of children.

As you know there are some buddies that play with them and helps them feel welcome.



By William

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