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Mad Hair Day News

When the children came in to Fairfields today the mad hair was stupid, crazy, insane, nuts, raving, psychotic, demented, deranged, absurd and wild. We did Mad Hair Day to raise money for the St Michael’s Hospice. The school council decided that the whole school had to take part on Mad Hair Day. All the teachers had wigs on, Mrs Tucker had a dreadlock Jamaican wig and Miss Ashworth wore a pink afro.The school was full of joy when the day started. It was great fun! All the children are happy and the teachers are too. Thats my report of mad hair day, I hope you enjoyed it.

Reported by Charlie R 4T

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How much money for the NSPCC?

Fairfields primary school raised £2196 for the NSPCC and Emma, from the NSPCC said “you have raised enough money to help over 500 children”.

In KS1 the winners for the most money raised was 2H
In KS2 the winners for the most money raised was 4R
Both classes got badges for their hard work.

reported by Ewan

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Fairfields did a sponsored Big Workout for the NSPCC.

Year2: Year2 did a running and skipping race.

Year3: We did lots of different activities and Harley was the best hoolahooper. Ewan did 180 ski jumps.

Year4: Year4 did running laps around the hall in 5 minutes or a football challenge.

Year5: Year5 did cricket in the field.

Year6: Year6 did football in the field.

Hopefully we’ve raised lots for the NSPCC!

Reported by Ewan


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French Breakfast

On Tuesday the 4th of February 2014 3m+3f had a French breakfast.
The food 3m+3f had was chocolate brioche, croissant, cold chocolate, orange juice, apple juice.:)

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Mathletics struck Years 5 and 6!

From Sunday the 2nd of February, at 8:00pm, a mathletics competition started, shocking many pupils of year six. Aware of the fact that Miss Warwick used to always take lead, 5W took the lead first. Unfortunately, 5W got taken over and in came Miss Warwick entering 1st place in the country AND the world!!!


Reported by Millianne-Paris Smart news blogger

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