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Day for Change 2014

A few pictures to show what some of us got up to on Day for Change (Friday 23rd May). Different year groups worked together with different teachers over the day to learn all about rights of children in Madagascar and the issues linked to cyclones. We dressed in non-uniform to raise money for UNICEF.

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Send My Friend To School 2014

A few examples of the ‘friends’ we sent to support this year’s campaign to get disabled children into school…

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Crazy loom sale



This Friday at 3:15-4:20 on the playground at Fairfields primary school there will be a crazy loom sale.There will be different colour bands and necklaces and bands in packs. 






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In year 3 we used roamers! They are like bee bots but they are for older people and have points and turns. They are all different sizes and they are grey.


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Day For Change 2014

This Friday (23 May 2014) Day for change is coming up! So this means that we will be raising money for UNICEF (A fundraising program we take part of). We can help by donating £1 or more to send children to school (article 28 Right to an education). We will be switching classes/teachers for the day to do lots of activities linked to this article.  This mostly pops up in country’s like Madagascar.

About 68 million children around the world still don’t have access to education. 


By Alisha 3F


This is a family from Madagascar.











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Clubs after school

After school  on Tuesday we do clubs. I do blogging but there is lots of other clubs like…

  • athletics
  • art club
  • tennis
  • rounders
  • cricket
  • puppet club

You see there are lots of fun clubs to join. there are lots of clubs during the summer turn.        By Rebecca Howcroft





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Year 3’s topic is magnets

Year 3 have learning about magnets we have learned that  there are different types  magnet of like wand magnet ring magnets

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Flood videos

On 13th May, year 5 were doing news interviews about the flooding in Somerset. It was fun and we were in groups of 4 and 5. We used video cameras to video them.

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The Iron Man

In year 3 we was learning about Iron Man, and we are doing an assembly on iron man.

For literacy we went out side and looked for iron man pieces that were…

1.A steel hand

2.A spring

3.A pipe

4.A metal wire

by Rebecca howcroft




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Forest Schools


Some children in our school have been taking time off school to go to forest schools. Forest school Is a big forest in Basingstoke. We learn about forest survival, animals and plants

So far we have built dens for different animals soon we will make fires (If its not raining)

We stay at forest school until after lunch. We often have to wear wellies and non-school uniform e.g. trousers waterproofs and long sleeved tops as we will get very muddy. Some of the workers name are Corian, Adrian and others.


By Alisha

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