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Are you a Climate Cop?


Dear all,
Year 4 are learning about Climate Cops. Climate Cops are people who stop climate change and start recycling. They protect the Earth from global warming. Are you a Climate Cop?
– Recycle metal cans, paper and glass bottles.
– Close the doors so that a draught does not come in.
– Don’t drive because it puts poison in the sky.
– Don’t recycle the wrong things or it will end up in the smelly, old rubbish dump.
Can you help Mother Earth and the Climate Cops to be clean and tidy?
From 4T pupils
(Elora, Finley, Keon, Lucinda, Sharmaine, Hollie, Archie and Grace)

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Brilliant Bloggers Arrive!

A new term means a whole new team of bloggers! We have members from every year group who are excited about sharing all the school’s exciting news. Watch out for some more interesting posts in the near future…

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Mad Hair Day Fun

Mad hair day is all about raising money for St Michael’s Hospice and going totally crazy with your hair! Mad hair day is on 13th of February. Here are some tips for what you could do in this  years mad hair day: You can wear a wig or spray your hair. Last time some people wore a rainbow  Mohican – how crazy! We look forward to seeing your crazy hair!

Reported by Amelia Curtis 4R

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King Arthur

After assembly at 9:30 something strange happened in the corner by the computers, there were silver and red footprints. Merlin King Arthurs magician left them in 3m  🙂

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NSPCC return!

curriculum-activities-image_wdi74414The NSPCC are back and to raise money we are going to do Buddy’s big workout.

Each class voted on which sport they are going to do. Some of the sports people are doing are:

running, mini Olympics, football, skipping and cricket.

Click on the link below to visit the NSPCC website

Reported by Joe Llewellyn

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New Recycling Bin!

There is a new recycling bin in the middle playground and you can only put plastic bottles, cans, paper and card. Happy recycling 🙂

Reported by Ewan
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