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Values Vote Update!

The children who have been chosen as the winners in this half term’s Olympic Values Vote on Wizkid are:

Alisha Tydeman (in Year 1) and Amy Barton (in Year 5)

“Alisha in 1S because she shows excellence and respect and does her work and always walks to school for exercise and jogs  EVERYDAY” – voted by Ruby Parsons

“Amy because she is a good friend and includes everyone and she is a good role model. She is always being respectful and I am sure that she has never been in the discovery zone in Year 5.  She always includes people in games. She is always trying to make people happy if they are sad.” – voted by Jasmine Wheaton 

Well done to both of these children!

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Olympic fun run

On 13th of July at 3:30 everyone in Fairfields are having an olympic fun run. 2H are first on having the most people entering the fun run, 2nd is 1C, 3rd is 1S. Everyone is looking forward to it. Which class will have the most people entered?!

From the bloggers club

Zoe Chan, Kacie Smith


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Year 5 to Costello!

On the 25th June 2012, Year 5 went to Costello for a technology day! It was really fun and exciting. The first group ( all 5A) had science as the first lesson. They were investigating how they could increase the speed of a small duplo person sliding down a sledge made of a matchbox. They tested the speed using light gates and data logging computer technology! They could test the material on the bottom of the sledge, the size of it, how many people there are on the sledge and more! The next lesson was maths. They made kalidoscopes using a special computer programme. This was very fun! They had to follow detailed instuctions to make a rotating kalidoscope! The final lesson was D&T. They had to make catapults using a pack of materials including tech card. They had to make medival styled catapults having 1 hour and when time was up, in pairs, everyone’s catapults turned out AMAZING and most of them worked really well. Unfortunately, some of the catapults fell apart at the last minute but that was ok because the teacher knew it was good! Year 5 had an fabulous day as you can see!

Thank you for reading this!

Reported by Kaiya Sharma from the bloggers! 🙂 

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Maths day!

Not long ago the whole school experienced an art Maths day. Year 4 made nets of patterned coffins with coloured shape stamps. Year 5 experienced a Jubilee symmetry day! Year 3 did ancient Australian art with coloured dots…
By Rosie and Grace D (Fairfields’ Bloggers)





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The 2012 Young Interpreters Conference


On Friday 29th June we went to QMC for the Young Interpreters Conference with other schools from Hampshire. The theme this year was ‘Young Interpreters have talent’ and we did lots of fun tasks like traditional dancing, art, street dance, sports, magic and fashion. In music we played lots of instruments and in art we made a big dragon picture. I enjoyed fashion the most because we got to make ourselves dresses out of newspaper. That was my favourite!

By Alara, Kornelia and Chloe

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Chicken update

4R’S chickens are going to hatch soon. 4R are really excited about the chickens, we hope they will be as cute as Suzie. We hope that we are going to have 12/12 chickens. We will have another chicken update later.

From the Bloggers Club
Zoe Chan, Kacie Smith



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