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Librarians :)

Hi it's Lizzy again,
I'm a Librarian and I think it's a fantastic job!
So if your not doing a job next year and if you want to do one, I think you should be a Librarian.

Reported and Written By:
Lizzy Harker 4R :) 

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We all have that time of the day Image result for cats

the rebels

when you see a tigerImage result for cats

hello, kittyImage result for cats
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Car Club

The car club is an after school club where you build a car. Being someone in the club I know that you have to be able to…

  1. Drive a go-kart(crucial).
  2. Know your tools well(Crucial if you are mechanic).
  3. Understand  aerodynamics(Crucial if you are a bodywork designer).

You got what it takes? We’ll be done soon so join in the next session :).

We’re so close to finishing!!!!

I reckon about 3 weeks more and we’ll be done!


By Johnny



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The five bums

We have been writing newspapers about  earthquakes. To help us to remember what to  include we use the five bums on a beach. How is the bench and the five bums are who, what, when, where and why.

Reported and written by Milan!



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Its Malaika vikings today

On Tuesday we drew Viking long ships with pastels it was hard to draw the dragon. It was fun . I love my topic.




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Today, my class and I went to QMC! If you don’t know what QMC is its a College. 

They put us in  4 groups…I was with Mrs White’s:). We went into the science room and we were about to learn about the human body! Me and my group started with(when you eat where does your food go?)it was easy for me because i just had to peal a banana and Kate had to chop 2 slices of banana and then everything just became disgusting…because Indy had to squish the banana with some water and and jabber.

The next one was our heart beat we used strange technology, my heart beat I think it was  89.

This one is my favourite because we had to imagine that the room was a tummy and they gave us a colour (my one was orange)and there were some cups hidden in the room and in the cups there was smarties in the cups and we could only EAT the ones that were our colour!

I hope you enjoyed my journey through the human body and I will see you next week


🙂 🙂 🙂

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In Y5 We’ve Been Learning About Planets The Solar System The 8 Planets Venus,Mercury,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus and Neptune.

By Warren And The Cat.


Cats In Space

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Dynamo car club

At the dynamo car club we obviously build a car but It isn’t a normal car its a battery powered car. It has a metal frame, two 12 volt car battery’s , 3 inch wheels ,45 degree turning and is rideable by adults as well as children.

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Today it was a cool day we have done maths, literacy and dancing plus my favourite was ICT. We have gone on scratch to finish our crab maze. But I didn’t manage to finish it. But some of my friend manage to finish it. Maybe next time we will do some other thing on scratch, like another game or go on other things.

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skeltones bones

today we sang a song about bones. Steve the skeletelton kept on falling apart. even low steve cept on fawilling apart we could stell do are work so we labled the skelton on the sheet. I learned some bones: ribcage, colerbone and  funnybone                                   reported and writon by evie best

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