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For our trip 3FM went to Tesco. We made cereal and we put in it ginger , sunflower seeds , apricots, raisins and oats . We also had cinnamon but I chose not to put it in as I didn’t like it. We also picked up some different fruit and veg and we looked where it came from in the world. We found food from the USA, UK, and Australia. We went in the huge cold freezer and then looked at different sugars. We even got a goodie bag

by Evie


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cats are cool as you know but not as cool as london !

because cats look like thiskRPn6xzrT.jpg

london is great because I went to see charlie and the chocolate factory and it was impressive. plus we ate lots of…  caaaaaaaake!


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MAD HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAD HAIR DAY WAS ON FRIDAY 12th of hair was twist , plat, down IT WAS FUN AND IT WAS MAD .


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Keep up the good work on Frog!

Hi it’s Lizzy again, 🙂 😉 😮 ;o

Everybody is working so hard to get there names onto the leader boards!

Here is who is in the lead in the school in certain games!


  1. Shahyar S
  2. Shreyash S
  3. Shruthi G
  4. Riswana S
  5. Megan W
  6. Elizabeth H
  7. Hollie H
  8. Hannah C
  9. Zara K

1. Indy K

2.Shreyash S

3.Shahyar S

4.Megan W

5.Lukasz B

6.Elizabeth H

7.Demi-Leigh H

8.Millie C

9.Oliver C

10.Nikos C

11.Shruthi G

12.George W


1.Shreyash S

2.Leon L

3.Aarya M

4.Arham K

5.Louie P


1.Ewan W

2.Shahyar S

3.Shreyash S

4.Afeef A

5.Elizabeth H

6.Samarth V

7.Grace T

8.Demi-Leigh H

9.Megan W

Keep up the good work!


Reported and written By:

Lizzy Harker 4R




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How does your body work?

Ok…so this might be a bit disgusting, but hey that’s your body!

So, lets start off with “the heart.“The heart is really important because it pumps your blood round your body! But there is something negative too which is that if your blood stops pumping you will die…ok now next one!

The next one is “Digesting” so pretend that you have an apple…you take a bite…now I’m going to tell you what journey that piece of apple does…so it starts off with going down the oesophagus which is in your throat and it goes in your stomach through your small intestine then through your big intestine and then it comes out…I know…this is my rule “what ever comes in has to come out!!!!

OK, I think this is it make sure that u leave a comment that says if you have learned something new.


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The half term

In half term I went to a birthday  party. It was a babies party.  The baby had 2 cakes and lot of toys. Later he had made lots of new friends. Mum and dad were singing. I got to eat Haribos.

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Half term

On my holiday we went out with my dads friend.We ate at a restaurant and went shopping. It was like Festival Place but its called the Oracle maybe it was more bigger but we did lots of shopping. We had to go home because my dog was at home because he can’t go in the Oracle. Some times he destroys his cage but then he is so happy that we come back and save him.

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Back from half term !?!

hi guys,  Im back have you missed me!!! I have good news and bad news ο

BAD NEWS: Now were back from half tern we have to put on are thinking cap AND  we have to learn

Today we are learning about digesting which was disgusting from heart to small digesting  I rather not talk about that.

bye that all from me

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Half Term is Over?!? :(

Ok guys, I wasn’t here on the Tuesday before half term so I’ve been gone an extra while but I’m back now but with some bad news.

Unfortunately, we are back from half term and we have to get our thinking brains back on :)!

Why couldn’t we have an extra week off, I mean, I wouldn’t mind at least 1 extra week!?!

No ones got to be happy about being back, are they? Welllll, I kind of am. Like I missed all my friends and everything!

I hope you guys are glad to be back!!!

By Indy

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radar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pancake day is an important day. It always happens 47 days before Easter. Ash Wednesday is the day after but that isn’t the topic. Cats also seem to be a common theme as everybody loves cats with pancakes!

By freddie

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