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Chris Lubbe Was Here!!

On the 17th March 2014, Chris Lubbe who was Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard came to Fairfields. He told us who Nelson Mandela was and what he did that changed South Africa. Nelson Mandela was the first black president of South Africa. Chris even said what bad things happened to him when he was little.

By Himanshu (4T)

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Secondry school students come to Fairfields!

Some Secondary School students came to Fairfields and taught us 9 languages!
Which were, Chinese, Gujarati, Russian, Nepali, Polish, Telagog, Murati, Arabic and Lithuanian. We played mini games like “I am hiding the number/animal/ colour”

It was lots of fun Amelia , in 4R , says ” My favourite language was Indian”

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We did 2 competitions on World Book Day
One was to see who can find all the characters and the winner for the competition was Joseph Courtois.
The winner for best story was Jake Mundey 6W. He is really please he has won. The runner up was Rosie Taylor.
The winners received a £10 book voucher.

Well done!!

Below is the winning story

Teenage Time Travellers
A Time To Remember
By Jake Mundy, 6W

Today honestly has to be the weirdest day of my life. I’m Jack Robinson by the way and I’m fifteen years old. When it comes to school, my mum thinks I’m smart but I think she’s way off. Either way, I am never, I repeat, never going to ace anything in my entire life – except from blowing up half the school.

It started, as usual, with me, a casual secondary school student, attending his classes. When we went out for lunch, I had nothing to do so I sat down. It was just five minutes before I heard a voice behind me.

“Jack!” I turned to see my best friend (a.k.a the science nerd) and my…er…other friend Millie. She’s a history girl.
“Mr Carter wants you,” muttered Millie.
“And us too,” added Ben with a little uncertainty.
“Uh. What for? I moaned. They didn’t answer. Instead they shrugged. Reluctantly, I got up.
“Let’s go then.”

Now a word about Mr Carter before you meet him. He’s quite a cool guy really. He’s fairly sporty and manages our football team. He’s the head of our school and while he enforces the rules of our greatly he gives very minor punishments; like one run around the field or 20 push ups – it didn’t even have to be in a row – or 300 jumping jacks. Anyway, you can see why we like him.
As we were walking through the hallway, Ben told me;
“It can’t be that bad. I mean, this is Mr Carter.” I gave him a meaningful look. He recognised it.
“Okay, I’ll shut up.” I nodded my approval.

When we came up to Mr Carter’s office, Ben ran ahead.
“Are you in a hurry to do 300 jumping jacks!” shrieked Millie. Ben realised what she meant and slowed down. Despite this, he still managed to get there first. He knocked on the door.

The silence was eerie. We opened the door, cautiously and stared in shock. The room had been almost completely desolated. We walked in and saw something we didn’t want to see. Mr Carter’s body. There seemed to be puncture marks all over his chest. Needles? No. I nearly laughed at how stupid that sounded. Bullets.
I was horrified. Millie fell to the floor in despair. Ben merely stared. It was then when I noticed – it. It was lying in the corner of the room. I advanced.

It looked like an odd sort of wristwatch. It had a couple of dials and a button. I picked it up.

Suddenly, there was an almighty crash and in, through where the window should have been, came men in black – with guns!

Ben swivelled his head upwards, screamed and hid behind the bin. Of course the bin couldn’t have been any higher than thirty centimetres tall but that didn’t seem to bother him. All of a sudden, I realised something.

“You killed Mr Carter!” I shouted, my face going red with anger.
“He was messing about with something he shouldn’t have been messing about with!” the man in the front replied with equal volume.
“That,” he said, pointing towards the watch. I looked at the man properly.

He had a stern face and was obviously the leader. He had dark hair and seemed quite young – except from his eyes. They were like those of and elderly person as if they had seen all there is to see in the world.

I looked down at the watch and back up again.
“What is it?” I asked. He smirked slightly.
“It’s a time machine.” I burst out, laughing.
“That, is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” He snarled.
“I am being most serious.” He hissed menacingly.
“Yeah and I’ve been to Troy.” No one was laughing. I looked the leader in the face.

“You’re not being serious. Are you?” I questioned.
“Most definitely. Now I think it would prove well if you would pass me that,” he stated, gesturing towards the watch. I considered it for a moment but I remembered about Mr Carter.

“No.” He jumped in surprise.
“What do you mean, no?
“I mean,” I said picking up a textbook from behind. “No.” I through the textbook into his face, grabbed Millie and Ben and jumped behind the desk, fumbling with the watch.

“Look,” came the leader’s voice from behind. “We don’t want to hurt you.” I threw another textbook at him. At that point bullets started raining down on us.

It’s odd, I thought to myself. He says he doesn’t want to hurt us and then he starts shooting at us. What did I ever do to make him change his mind.

“Press the button!” Millie screamed over the noise.
“Jack, press the button!”
“What button?”
“On the watch you idiot!”
“Oh. Okay. Both of you grab onto me.” I moved my hand towards the button.
“Don’t let him time travel!” screamed the leader. “Someone get in there!” bellowed the leader. The next thing I knew was I was turning around just in time to see one of the soldiers leaping over the desk with his hand outstretched and Millie and Ben screaming in my ear to press the button. What the hey, I thought. I pressed the button.

The next few things that happened, happened in a blur. I could see the office around me dissipating. Then out of nowhere, the school broke apart in an explosion. I stared at the destruction around me as the office disappeared.

I landed uncomfortably on the ground. Dazed, I stood up.
“What a happy landing,” I said to myself. Looking around I could see(thank God)Millie and Ben sprawled across their backs – and the soldier!

I closed down on him rapidly and rugby tackled him to the ground.
“Ge’ off me!” he rasped.
“Who are you people?” I asked bitterly. He laughed.
“Yeah. Like I’m going to tell a school boy.” He cracked up.

I looked around for something that might make me more persuasive. I saw the(almost)perfect object. A knife lay beside my foot. I picked it up and held it to the soldiers throat.
“Tell me,” I commanded forcefully. He gulped.

There was one flaw in this plan. I can’t kill. It’s not right. The guy must have been a complete idiot as he actually told me something.

“We’re called the S.T.P.”
“What does that stand for?” came Millie’s voice from behind me. “Stupid, troublesome prats?” The soldier scowled.
“It stands for the Secret Time Police!” he snapped.
“Where are we?” I asked with a small hint of content.
“I think you’ll find the real question is ;when are we?” Ben corrected.
“Shut up Ben.”
“Sorry.” The soldier just shrugged.

We sat there for a while until Millie broke the silence.
“The Trojan War.”
“What about it?” asked Ben.
“We’ve travelled back to the Trojan War. Look.” She pointed behind me.
I turned my head and saw – a great big wooden horse! Behind the horse, stood at least fifty men all pushing the horse towards – I can’t believe I didn’t see this – a city wall. It towered above me at least twenty feet tall. Unfortunately, this admiration only caused distraction.

“Jack! Jack! We’ve got to hid. Jack!” I snapped back to life and turned. I could just about see some men running towards us. I realised what I needed to do and hid behind a bush. The men were Greek warriors and they talked rather vociferously.

“Let’s get him to the horse and gear him up,” suggested one, gruffly. There were murmurs of agreement. Then they were gone. The coast was clear.

I came out of my hiding place and saw, exactly what I thought I would see. They’d taken the S.T.P. soldier. Perfect. Now how are we going to…..

The next thing that happened is kind of stupid and embarrassing so I’d prefer not to tell you. What? You want to know? Fine. Have it your way.

We were thinking. As hard as we could on how to get the watch to do what we wanted to do when a pigeon flew down. It was harmless, to start off with, so I left it alone. Big mistake. It swooped down on me and somehow managed to get a claw to the time machine, watch, thing and flew up to the city.

I could see it was trying to take a bite out of the leathery strap. The bird obviously didn’t like the watch as it dropped it onto the city wall. Wow.

That was when I noticed – the city gates were open. I sprinted as fast as I could towards them. Millie and Ben were sprinting behind me. We couldn’t be bothered to go sneaky so we just ran in – we were noticed.

I ran up the stairs to the defences. I barrelled through three and kicked another in the ding-dong. I could see the watch resting on the top of the wall now. Just two Trojans left in our way. Before I get to them Millie savagely came down on the suckers. I stared at her.
“What?” she questioned. “Can’t I have fun too?” I smiled.
I grabbed the watch and put it on. Millie and Ben got hold of me. As my hand came down towards the button, disaster struck. A Trojan warrior managed to grab Millie and pulled her down the stairs.
“Millie!” I screamed. But it was too late. We were already travelling through time.

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Fairfields football player interview

We interviewed Jake Mundy in year 6 from the Fairfields football team …

What was the last game you played?

“It was against Manorfield last Tuesday. The first game was won 1-0 and the second game was also 1-0.”

What position do you play?

“Right wing and sometimes defence.”

How long have you been in the football club?

2 and a half years.”

What do you enjoy most?

“The excitement of the game and the pressure.”

Do you play football outside of school?

“No but if I hadn’t got into the team this year I was planning on seeing if I could improve Basingstoke Colts.

How many players are in the team?

“There is 9 and we play 7 a side and have two substitutes.”

What team do you support?


Posted by Mason Austin.

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Andrew Weale

On the 10th of March Andrew Weale came to Fairfields school to visit Key Stage 1.
He read his book Spooky Spooky House and KS1 made some sound effects for the book.
They also played name games and FS did some colouring.

Andrew Weale reading spooky spooky house

Andrew Weale reading

Andrew Weale 008

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Book Week

This week at Fairfields, it is Book Week. There are several competitions going on including can you guess who these book characters are?

and guess whos reading the book.
On Thursday the 6th of March it is book day!!! You will be able to:
dress up as a book character, collect a £1 book token, swap books at book swap and when you hear the bell you need to stop what your doing and read a book!
Reported by Joe Llewellyn

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Book Week’s Competitions

On the start of March, Fairfields are going to have a ‘Book Week’ and it has lots of competitions… We have ‘Book Character Hunt where we have to find the character’s name, Who’s Reading The Book where we have to guess which teacher is reading the book, Creative Writing Competition which we have to make up a story (any story you like) and place it in a box and Mrs Harper thinks which one is the best and that winner gets a Book Token’.

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Authors coming in!

There are authors coming in on Tuesday next week and each key stage is getting to see a real author. KS1 are seeing Andrew Weale and KS2 are seeing Joe Craig and they are getting their books autographed. Here are some facts about them.

Joe Craig: he has written Blackout, Jimmy Coates, See Sports Run, The Lost Room

Andrew Weale:he has made Spooky Spooky House, Dinosaur Doo, Nora who ate and ate and ate, One Newt In A Suit

Joe Craig holding his book that he published

Joe Craig holding his book that he published

andrew w

Reported by Ewan in Blogging Club

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World Week is coming up…

During the week beginning 17th March, we are all going to be learning about different countries around the world. Mrs Tyrer (the school cook) has been planning out the menu for dinners with School Council. Pupils will have a passport to complete as they visit different countries over the week. If you speak another language or come from a different country we would love to hear from you. You could come in and teach us something interesting! We will blog again soon with details about what we learnt.

Reported by the Blogging Club

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Year 3 learning about teeth and healthy eating

This week 3M/3F have been learning about teeth.
The names of the teeth are incisor, premolar, molar and a canine.

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