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Year 4’s trip to living rainforest

4R’S trip to the living rainforest


On the 25th of June, year 4 went to the living rainforest. It took us 45 minutes to get there. When we finally got there, we got into groups with teachers, and explored the living rainforest. First the tour guider told us some very important information about the rainforest. We saw a dumb cane plant, and if you eat it or touch it and put it in your mouth, your lungs and your throat will swell up really badly and you won’t be able to talk. And there was a plant called the banana plant, and the leafs rip easily so you have to be careful. Then it was lunch, it was really fun they had a big round swing, and you have to have someone push you. You go really high! And there is this ladder and you have to climb it and when you get to the top you have to climb across the bridge when you are high up in the air, and then you have to climb over to the slide, and then you got down the tall slide. Then we went back into the rainforest. And we had to bring our sketch books. We had to bring our sketch books because we had to go round the rainforest and sketch the animals. And there was monkeys called goeldis monkeys, and the mother monkey always stuck her tongue out.

 We really enjoyed our visit to the rainforest!


By the reporters blogger Kacie smith and Abbi Harman and Zoe Chan 4R


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Year 5 Apprentice!

On the 28th June 2012 5W and 5A are having their apprentice market on the top and bottom playground.

They will be selling all sorts of exciting items that you can easily purchase, some edible and some not! Some of these items they will be providing to you will be; Lino prints, which can be lovely to give to someone as a card or to hang in your house, rice krispie cakes melted in with marshmellows and toffee….mmmm!

There will also be 2 very exciting games you will be able to play, Hit the cans with a ball and beat the goalie!

I hope you can come!

From Kaiya Sharma from the bloggers! 🙂

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Interviewing our two deputy heads

 Do you want to know about our two deputy heads? Well now is the time to read!

 Do you enjoy being deputy heads?

           Miss Wharmby: yes

            Miss Jenkins: yes

What do you not enjoy about being and what do you enjoy about being deputy heads?

          Miss Wharmby: nothing and teaching new people

          Miss Jenkins: Also nothing and getting to work with new people


          Do you find some work hard?

           Miss Wharmby: yes, we get new hard things to do.

           Miss Jenkins: lot’s  of new things too and not enough time for it.


             If you retire what will you do?

             Miss Wharmby and Miss Jenkins: We will make a book shop called wharmbakins and it will have a café which will sell cakes.


              If you had the chance to retire would you or would you not?

              Miss Wharmby: No I would not yet

              Miss Jenkins: No I would not yet either I’m a bit too young! And there’s still things I’d like to do.


              Reported by Amelia Newin and Abigail Perkins

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Mission complete!

On Monday 18th of June, year 4 experienced a theatre performance of a life time! It was all about a cat called Binky and a school girl called Olive. This story was a mixture between two winning stories. There was a competition not long ago, set by the theatre company at QMC (Proteus), to see who could write the best story with a mission and Year 4 entered. The winning story is being performed by actors from Proteus for all the schools who entered the competition – one of the winners was from a school in Basingstoke (unfortunately not Fairfields!).

Reported by Grace D and Rosie (Bloggers Club)




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Year 5 got a taste of nature

This is the old aged river.This river is in a small town called Lymington.

Year 5 went on a school trip to the the New Forest where they learnt about rivers.They waded in the rivers and found out the the flow of the river.People said that they enjoyed it and it was one of the best school trips they have been on. Also we saw wild horses and bulls.We found out that wellies and deep water do not mix! Over all, we had so much fun. A big thanks to all those teachers who helped.

by Mia O’connell

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Book swap



 The Summer book swap is coming on the 5th July!If you want to get a book, you will have to bring a book to swap. But you’re only allowed to swap the amount of books you bring. You can bring books that you have grown out of and are too old for, or a book that you have had lying around for ages and wanted to get rid of it! Your chance has now come!

 Remember, Key Stage 1 can swap at afternoon break!

Key Stage 2 at morning break!

Everyone is welcome after school!

Happy Swapping!

 Reported by Amelia Newin and Kaiya Sharma  🙂

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Party in the park


On Saturday 30th June 2012 there’s a parade at Eastrop park.

It is about the jungle. Year 3 have got an opportunity to do the parade. 15 children from 3H and 15 children from 3W.

Is everybody ready for a party? Beacause a party in the park is coming up and some people in year 3 are going to be in it. A beautiful artist, Katy Smith, put on a whole day of art and craft for the children who are able to do it and a parade is going to take place. It’s theme is the Jungle so if you can watch the parade, try to  wear  green! Year 3 have been making head bands and they are going to learn a funky dance so get partying! The above image will show you some head bands. 

Reported by Amelia Newin and Abi Perkins

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Kwik Cricket Tournament on 24/05/2012

On the 24th of May 2012, Year 5 and Year 6 were in a cricket tournament, against other schools. In this report, I have interviewed one child from 5A who was involved in this exciting game!

“Did you enjoy the tournament?”

Yes I did because I really enjoy playing cricket!

“Is this your first time you played in a cricket tournament? Was it fun?”

It was my first time with school so it was very exciting and fun!Most of all because I like bowling and batting, I am so pleased that we got into the semi-finals.

“What was your favourite part of the game?”

That my team got lots of points because I hit the ball very far.

“Did you enjoy watching cricket as well as playing?”

Yes I do because I like watching England play test matches!

“Do you have a favourite cricket team?”

Yes it is England because I believe that they are the worlds best team!

“What advice would you give to the Year 4’s who are playing next Wednesday?”

Play well and good luck because there are lots of hard teams and only a couple of easy ones.

“What other sports tournaments would you like the school to be involved in? Other than cricket!”

I would like the school to be involved in some tennis tournamounts, full contact rugby, dodge ball, rounders and table tennis!

Now you know first hand experience of play in a cricket tournament!

Reported by Kaiya Sharma

Interviewed- Tyler Bradley

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People with the Paralympics and Olympic values!

Fairfields Primary School School Councillors made a vote on Wizkid so people could nominate others who show the Olympic and the Paralympic values. If a child in our school thought someone was good enough, they went on Wizkid and they could say a good comment about the person and tell everyone which Olympic or Paralympics values they show. Some of the comments we had from people are:

 “I  think Angelika in 6P because she works her hardest in every lesson and is the best friend you can ever have. She is respect full to all the teachers to and she should be really proud of her self. She is really kind and helpful to and involves her self and contributes in every thing and if someone is sad she will go to them and ask what is wrong that why I think Angelika.”

” I would have to say Lenny…
He’s respectful
Determined to do his best
Tries really well in school
never gives up.”

“I think Lenny Greenfield because he is determined to do things and is always kind.”

 Because of these super comments, we can now reveal that the winners for last half term are:


Reported by Kasundi Fernando

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Another chick update!

We have excellent news! Our chick now has a name ……..Suzie. Jacob’s mum is the winner of the chick competition – she won this at our successful apprentice market on the 31st of May.

We have some pictures of our chick who has really grown up. We now have to put wire on the top of her container so she doesn’t escape. Don’t get too comfortable though because we have 12 more eggs and we have to wait another 3 weeks for them to hatch. Altogether we have had 18 chick eggs. Unfortunately 5 of our last eggs died. Some of our new eggs are brown and white. We will have more news for you in a couple of days.

 Reported by Abbi Harman and Kirstie Pearson in Bloggers Club and 4R.


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