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Interviewing Mr Smith!!!!!!

At blogging club Logan and Ruby interviewed new teacher Mr Smith. Logan took some pictures of Ruby interviewing him.

  • Ruby wrote down the answers.
  • Some of the questions were: 
  • Q.1. Who is your? LSA. A1. Mrs Latchman.
  • Q.2. Why did you become a teacher A.2. He wanted a better job.
  • Q.3. What jobs did you have before? A.3. He was a waiter.
  • Q.4. What class do you teach? A.4. He teaches 5S.


By Logan Barter 🙂



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Christmas Fair

This Saturday 30th November is our school Christmas Fair! Come and join us from 1pm until 4pm. There are fun games, toys on sale, Christmas craft and lots more! We hope to see you there…..

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First of all, year 3 are learning about GERMANY and we have learnt some German:

  • Good Day is Guten Tag
  • Good Morning is Guten Morgan
  • Numbers in German Null, eins, zwei, drei,vier, funf, sechs, seiben, acht, neun and then zehn
  • Colours in German Orange is Orange, Blue is Blau, Pink is Rose, Green is Gelbe,

By Ruby Parsons and with a little bit of help from Logan Barter!:-)

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Young Interpreters Project Wins!

We are very pleased to inform you that the Young Interpreters project won the award for ‘Grassroots Excellence’ at the Guardian Public Service Awards in London last week. The scheme also won the ‘Overall’ winners award. We are very proud of this project which is now being run across Hampshire schools and beyond with the continued support of Hampshire EMTAS. The scheme began at Fairfields Primary School 7 years ago where we created, trialled and improved the project in key stage 2 with the support of Hampshire EMTAS. Our interpreters have also recently been filmed to feature in the training DVD used by other schools. Well done Fairfields! Please click on the link below to see the full report from the Guardian.


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Anti-Bullying week in FairFeilds

This week at Fairfields we are doing an anti-bullying week to help us understand why bullying needs to stop and how we can help others who are being bullied. We had a special visitor from the NSPCC to talk to us about how bullying starts and why people might do it. The visitor and the rest of the school came up with some ideas of why people might want to bully others and here are the ideas they came up with:

  • To take control.
  • To get friends.
  • To get their money.
  • To make that person weaker than they already are.

Bullying can start by one person or a group of people picking on someone and doing it daily.

This year in anti-bullying week we are focusing on cyber bullying as it might happen more these days. This is because there is a lot more technology that you can use to go on the internet and email people on. Cyber bullying is harder to get rid of as you might not know who has sent the message.

The UNCRC rights of the child says: children have the right to a legally registered name and children have the right to relax and play without others calling them names or saying other rude things to them. If you’re bullying then you aren’t respecting the right of the child that you are picking on.

This was reported by: Shalamar Picton 5W

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Year 3 Science tour on Materials

DSCF4362DSCF4377DSCF4376DSCF4375DSCF4374DSCF4372DSCF4369DSCF4368DSCF4363After EMA 3F went to QMC that’s stands for Queen Marys College. We learnt about Materials and did different kind of activities. The activities we did was

  •  floating and sinking in a big tub,
  • we used a classification flow chart to identify dinosaurs,
  • evaporation test
  • Sorting things into manmade and natural
  • Oat blowing

By RUBY and Logan :-):-( !!!!!

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Class Charters are back!

Every year each class make a class charter of what rights and responsibilities they will follow.

They first choose the rights and responsibilities they want to put on it . Next they choose the theme and how they are going to show the rights and responsibilities. Afterwards they get creating the charter.

The classes themes were :

FS: Super heroes

1C: sunflowers in a garden

1M: Knights and princess

2H: racing cars

2JD: Super Mario

3F: Starwars

3M: Disney Infinity

4T: Pirates

4R: Smurfs

5S: Minecraft

5W: Haribo gummy bears

6P: Football

6W: Football

Finally there’s a competition to see which class  had the best charter out of the whole school, and the winners this year were: 6W,4T, 2JD and 1M.

Reported By: Shalamar 5W

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Comenius Project

At the end of October 2013 2 of our teachers ,Mrs Davies and Miss Jenkins, went to Sweden for our Comenius project. While they were there they met other teachers from different countries. These were Portugal, Poland, France, Turkey, Germany and Sweden . They looked at schools near Goteborg and visited a zoo. They had a good time but they had to go.


PS:  In June the teachers will be coming to visit us so keep your eyes peeled.


Reported by Alfie Linton and Logan Barter (Members of the bloggers club.) 🙂

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Alice in wonderland

Every year group went to Fairfield’s art centre. There is a theatre and year 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 went to watch ALICE IN WONDERLAND. The person who made the show used the same person for different characters. The rabbit was supposed to be in the hat but it wasn’t.   Alice’s sister was also the musician. The film version starts with a wedding but the play we saw started with a magic show.

Reported by Ruby Parsons in 3F:-)

alice 4

alice2alice3alicealice 7alice 6alice 5

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  • Year 3 is going to go to watch Alice in Wonderland, hopefully it will be fun.
  • It is going to be at Fairfield’s  art centre.
  • It isn’t a show in a cinema  it is a show with people acting it out.


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