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Year 4’s Apprentice Market

Year 4's Apprentice Market

On Thursday 16th May the astonishing Year 4 held their Apprentice Market. Popcorn sold out in seconds. The delicious cupcakes were popular and they made your mouth water. Did you get your face painted? We raised money to go on a brilliant school trip and we succeeded because we made £253.00! Thank you to everyone who supported out market.

Reported by Denny, Siddharaj, Blake, Hong, Bethany

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Blue Peter Winners in Gazette

Check out the Basingstoke Gazette article, in the paper today! We are all very proud of our stars….

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The cricketers are back!

On the 5 of June 2013 year 4 have a cricket tournament coming up. Year 4’s teacher Mrs Tucker and Mrs Rees had a tough time picking 24 people – 12 in one class and 12 in the other. But the teachers have made there choice and the people from 4T are…

Alfie Linton
Sophie Bates
Ryan keys
Hong Zheng
Tom Barten
Rosie Homer
Harvey Pritchard
Joesph Barclay
and lots more.

Reported by Alfie Linton (Member of the blogging club)

Wish them luck.

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The Wombles and The Green Team say!

Make sure you use both sides of the paper before you put it in the recycling bin.

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The Organic Cooking School

On Monday the 3oth of May at Carnival hall people from FS1,FS2 , Sophie and Ryan B from 4T and Max from year 6 all made fish cakes. If you go on to this awesome webside you will find a great dish that you can cook.

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History week is here!

In Mr Pagram’s assembly we found out that it was histoyb week. He talked about Basingstoke 1000 years ago! 

In class we are learning about
Basingstoke’s railway station in the past and present.

Other assemblies are going to be about the history of Basingstoke.

If you have any facts about the history of Basingstoke please post a comment and tell us. 


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Art clubs comments!

One of the clubs this term is Art Club. We interviewed some of the members to see what they thought of the club.

Comments by Laynar Purser.  Laynar liked this club because it will come in handy when she is older. Laynar has not done this before but still really likes it.  Laynar would like to make another egg cup.

Comments by Ella Freeth. Ella would like to do this club again. Ella  likes everything about this club. Next year Ella would like to be in Inventions club if allowed.

Reported by Kate Newell and Indy Kirk

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Year 4’s trip to QMC

Year 4 went to QMC to find out about bones from some experts who work at the Oxford Museum. We played this game where you had to guess if it had a back bone then we had to put true or false. We also looked at an amazing elephant leg bone – it was huge! We learnt lots more about different types of skeletons.

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The Wombile and the Green team say.

No paper towles in the reclycling bin. beause it has all your incky sticky jermers on it and it is a goldern recycling rule.

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On 24th may 2013 we are raising money for an Olympic Athlete to visit us also we are not wearing school uniform so don’t forget  to bring in a pound . 

Who will the athlete be?…   

Reported by Laihla
(a member of the blogging club!)

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