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What happened on world maths day ?

On World Maths Day everyone tried hard to get the highest score, but in every class there was one boy and one girl who got the most points and I’m now going to tell you who they are:

2H girl =  Anshu Vavilala 2H boy = Afeef Aslam Ahamed

2JR girl = Daisy Siggers 2JR boy = Clement Guehenneux

3H girl = Advika Saravanan 3H boy = Finley Batten

3M girl = Kate Newlell 3M boy Samarth Vadiyameta

4T girl = Kasundi Fernando 4T boy = Siddharaj Patil

4R girl = Kushi Dakshini 4R boy = Gabriel Bori

5W girl =Sophie Sohachevsky 5W boy =Luke Bolton

5WD girl = Greta 5WD boy = Michael Sesay

6P girl = Grace Parsons 6P boy = Harry Taylor

6W girl = Prerana Gurang 6W boy = Phizan Khen

Well thats all of them and can we just say well done to all of them please.

Thank for reading 🙂

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Comic Relief Assembly

It started as a normal red nose day. Everybody dressed up funny, including the teachers! We came into the hall to have our afternoon assembly when suddenly, led by the school council, one direction charged in, like demented rhinoceros’!

It was just year 6 dressing up as them….but who cares???!!!

The school went mental!


We had other KS2 Champions from their Challenge before Christmas. (This is a competition to show off  your talents) Tap dances, solo singers, break dancer and keyboard players.

It was very successful!


The following opinions are from the school council.

“I enjoyed the theme of transformations, as it was different.”

“I enjoyed the afternoon assembly, because I was in it and it was funny!”

“I liked that we raised lots of money to help homeless people and people in other countries who need money!”

“I’m glad we raised money for people who don’t have homes or houses to live in.”

 In the end, we were all tired out and we LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT!

Reported by Francis Lappin and Freya Barter

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Recorder Festival

The Fairfields recorder players went to winklebury junior school and rehearsed and performed infront of over 20 people and played i’m a beliver, rocking all over the world, one love, then the king kong conga. The next festival is the spring festival and we are playing Dr Who! Not telling you the rest…. it’s a surprise!

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On red nose day  lots of classes did different thing and this is what they did…

FS- Made cakes to sell

YR1- Did a dance

YR2- Sponsered silence for 30minutes and sang a medley of songs from all their topics.

YR3- Made their own red noses-and challenged the other class to gangnam style. Were going to beat the goalie!

YR4- Did an amazing bake sale! cool

YR5- Was planning a dance.

YR6- Their teacher donated money if they won mathletics,if they had a score of 9 out of 1o for a tidy class room,if 10 people got full marks in their spellings and if 4 children moved up a sub- level in their writing.

Hopefully they raise lots of money!!

Reported by Laihla from the blogging club!

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Year 6 basket ball session at QMC

1 lucky person in 6p has been chosen to be interviewed about  the basket ball  session


How did you feel about your first session of basket ball?

I have to say somewhere in the middle. The session would have been better if we won a game but overall the session was really fun.

Reported by Kieran Ogrady

Person interviewed: Khesehang

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On the 21st March 2013 we are having a spring disco so get ready to dance.

KS1 is 3:30 to 4:30 tickets are £2.00 each you get a free bag of sweet’s.

Yr3 and 4 is 4:30 to 5:30 tickets are £1.50 +50p for bag of sweets and 50p for glow stick.

Yr5 and 6 is 5:30 to 6:30 tickets are 1.50 +50pfor sweets and 50p for glow stick.


Reported by Alfie and Kate and Grace(members of blogging club)

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Fairfields is Famous

Year 2,3,4,5,6 was in Basingstoke  and Deane Today because

Fairfields made dog (“you know what”) posters to stop

dog fouling in Eastrop Park.

Before this we had PCSOs

in school. Their names were Martin Lee and Charlotte Tall.

They told us to make dog poo posters. The 3H champ was

Elora Gideon. All the children who won went to Eastrop Park to put

them up.

Reported by Reporter Reuben.

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On the 28th of March 2013, Yr 3 are having a french breakfast to celebrate their  hard work on the topic FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!  We’re having pain au chocolat ,baguette,croissant, orange juice, apple juice and bread and jam. We are going to say what we weat in french.

reported by Grace and Kate

Flag of France.svg

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Green message of the week

This weeks green message is: you can’t recycle everything!

Things you can’t recycle is

  •                                     Icky sticky glue
  •                                    Tissue paper
  •                                    Shredded paper
  •                                    Bottles without heads and shoulders.

By Emily

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The Gazette article :)

Did you know that the green team have been featured on the gazette! And here is a taster of the article…

A GREEN team of young eco-warriors are making sure staff and pupils at their school recycle after learning all about reusing rubbish.

So head over to the Gazette now, the website is…

Reported by Abigail Perkins 🙂 🙂

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