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Chick has arrived!

The baby chick has emerged from its shell……come to Year 4s Apprentice Market to choose a name in a competition!


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What do you want to know about our head teacher?

Fairfields headteacher, Mrs Davies, was interviewed by 3 girls in 5A (Year 5) about how she feels about the school improvements and childrens behaviour. Here are some quotes about what she said….

How do you feel when children are being bad?

“I feel quite disapointed when this happens but it usually doesn’t happen often so that makes me pleased.”

Do children come down to show you work?

“They do in Key Stage 1 but then the trend fades away in Key Stage 2. Teachers forget to send children down to show me their work, I would really love to see it!”

Some children feel that their work is bad, what would you say? 

“As long as children have tried their best and know when they have done an exellent piece of work for them, then I am happy!”

Do you like it when you visit some classes?

“Yes, I think it is very interesting to come into classes to see how the children work and to see them enjoying classes!”

How do you like to see children rewarded?

“I love to see children getting respect wristbands!”

What improvements would you like to see in the school?

“Not a lot really but I would love to see children opening doors to teachers and visitors and saying good morning or afternoon!”

A lot of children are wondering when our canopy is coming……your thoughts?

“Hopefully we shall be seeing the canopy in 3 to 4 months time!”

Thank you!

Now you know more information about our head teacher’s ideas at Fairfields Primary School!

Reported by Kaiya Sharma from the blogging team! 🙂

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The Chelsea Pensioners come to Basingstoke!!!

On Thursday 23rd of May, the World War 2 heroes (the Chelsea Pensioners) came to the Basingstoke Bowling Club for their 100th birthday. In costume, the Chelsea pensioners and Fairfields Primary School helped celebrate. 12 children welcomed them to their home town. The pensioners could not have done it without you! They said it was the best welcome they have ever had.

Mia O’Connell

Reporting from Fairfields Bloggers

Skipping team

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Send My Friend To School 2012

 Fairfields have been helping to send all the 67 million children to school everyday. We wrote messages and drew pictures to remind the government that in 2000 they promised to send all the children to school in different countries. It is very miserable that lots of boys go to school and girls have to stay at home and cook for their families. We don’t think it’s fair that their life get’s like this, so help, come on. Help these children have their rights. Look on this website for more information, videos and games to learn more about this important matter.

Reported by Kasundi and Ciaran (Fairfields Bloggers)


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Year 6 Production

If parents don’t know about this now is a good time to read this. This is when your child is in year 6.Year 6 do a production when they leave primary school. What isa production? Good question! I will tell you, what a production is. It’s like a huge performance but you have to learn loads of lines and you do solos. What are solos? They mean that you are singing on your own ,and they also sing altogether. Year 6 work hard in their rehearsals to create an outstanding show! Anyone can watch the production for example…friends, family, sisters, brothers parents, anyone!

The new Year 6 production is called Arthur in Space. It will be on 10th and 11th July. Watch this space to find out more about it!

Reported by Amelia Newin in the Bloggers Club

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Teachers on tour!

Mrs Davies, Miss Wharmby, Mrs Tucker and Miss Warwick are currently in Romania visiting Brasov as part of the Comenius project. Today they visited a local castle where they learnt more about the Romanian culture. They were told to watch out for bears – so far they have kept safe! They have enjoyed meeting their Comenius colleagues and tomorrow will have the opportunity to share all the exciting work Fairfields has done on the King Arthur legend.







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Attention All Bookworms!



 Fairfields library is a wonderful place to be!!!! Looking for a certain book is very easy, we have a wide range of books. We have award – winning books from Jacqueline Wilson, Anne Fine, plus Jeremey Strong. Maybe you are not so into novels and prefer fact books. From animals to cars, plants, history or places, our non – fiction section is bursting with cool facts about almost everything there is to know!!!



        Rosie and Grace D (Fairfields Bloggers)

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Year 3 Apprentice Day


Year 3 had a super apprentice market and it was better than ever before. It took place on the 10th May in the hall. We had stalls such as: henna, clay tiles, books, bookmarks, raffle, cupcakes and smoothies. It was very exciting and it’s a shame it’s over but still it was fun!

Together, Year 3 raised over £160- great job guys!

Reported by Abi, Amelia and Kasundi

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Chicks in 4R


In Year 4 we are looking after chicken eggs that are starting to grow. You are welcome to come and see them in 4R.You have to be quiet – you don`t want to give the chicks a headache! Hopefully, they will hatch in 2 weeks time.Then you will be able to come and see them once they have hatched!

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Bloggers first story!

This is the blogging team reporting for their first ever time from Fairfields Primary School! We’ve created this blog to tell you all about what’s going on in our school to make our website more interesting and popular. If you want to comment on any of our blogs, feel free! We would love to see your comments.

From the Bloggers Club

(Kasundi, Amelia, Abigail, Kacie, Abbi, Zoe, Mia, Ciaran, Emily, Kaiya, Grace D, Rosie, Kirstie and Grace P)

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