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Last week we had an anti-bullying week.The whole school did a selection of different types of things to help them learn e.g posters, drama (freeze frames an forum theatres), poetry writing etc. We watched an animation of a type of bullying and it was about birds. This helped us understand how bullying makes us feel and what it is.

Here are some pictures of the things we did that are now on display in the hall.

Reported by Shalamar and Alfie (The Bloggers)

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5WD’S Assembly

Our assembly was a great succsess! LOADS of people came to watch us.

Emily J in Yr six says ” I thought it was a great succsess .(As Kai reports) and cant believe they learnt so much about world war two. And also I cant wait till the next assembly.”

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Year 3  are making  pretzels on 28 of November because our topic is Germany.

reported by keon cox

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The Christmas fair and how it went!!!



Mrs Sue Robinson, part of the PTA, claims that…

‘we might have £950!!!’ But did you listen to what she said we might have £950!!! At the Christmas fair there were things like


  • Henna
  • Refreshments
  • Santa’s      grotto
  • Jewellery stalls
  • Raffle
  • Chocolate Tombola
  • Book stalls
  • Teddy Bear stalls
  • Purse or Bag stalls
  • Personalised Decorations
  • Window Decorations
  • Cakes

Thank you to everyone who gave wine and chocolate in because it was very helpful!!!


Thanks again!!!


Reported by Abigail Perkins 4T

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Year 5’s school trip

Year 5 have not gone on their school trip yet however I would still like to tell you about where we are going.

We have recently been learning about World War 2 and are going to Overton Primary School to experience how the children of WW2 were evacuated (we are going on a train).

Drishna Gupta (blogging team)

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Hampshire Ilustrated Book Award 2012

I have been working with some Year 5 readers to review the six shortlisted titles for this year’s award. These children have judged the books, thinking about Picture Power – do the pictures make you think about the story? Picture Position – Do you like the layout of the writing and the pictures? Picture Pleasure – What are your feelings about the book, has it stirred your imagination? They have now officially voted for their favourite book and we are waiting to find out the results. All shortlisted books and Book Reviews from our judges will be available to read in our school library soon.

Miss Jenkins

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Year 4 have been going on a pattern hunt. We had to find overlaping,rotating,translating and reflecting patterns. We found a wide range of patterns then we went back to the classroom to draw a range of patterns with stensils. Then we shared it with are class. William Morris is a famous artist who uses patterns – we talked about what we liked  about and didn’t like about his pictures. We are going to use our pattern ideas to help us create a print picture using ink.


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The Christmas fair

The Christmas fair is coming on the 24th of November which is this Saturday!!! At the Christmas fair there will be…

  • Chocolate Tombola
  •  Lots of competitions
  •  Cake sales
  • Silent auctions
  • Santa’s grotto
  • Crafts room
  • Refreshments
  • Raffle
  • Face painting
  • And lots more!!!

The time it is at is 1pm till 4pm every year I have been and it is really fun.

It is non-uniform on Friday so if you like come in non-uniform don’t forget to donate something to sell! J Don’t forget to bring CHOCOLATE or WINE! (YUM YUM)

Reported by Abigail Perkins 4T

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Book swap!

Thursday 15th   November 2012 was book swap. Book swap was a success! Alfie Linton who swapped 15 books said“I am happy that I brought in 15 books. My best new book was Shaun the sheep!

Keon Cox who helped said “it was fun.” Next term there shall be another book swap. So next time bring lots of books.

Posted by Kai Ramsey

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Happy Diwali!

Did you know it is Diwali? Diwali is an Indian festival, the festival of lights. People put special lamps around their houses. They call it a dia. People also do fireworks and eat Indian sweets ( people pray to Indian gods too!) The celebration is based on a story and Diwali marks when God Ram returned to his kingdom and sat on the throne of a city called Ayodhya. People clean their houses believing Goddess Laxmi will vist their house.


We wish you a happy Diwali!

By Drishna Gupta

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