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Let’s Send Shoeboxes

Our school has sent shoeboxes every year to countries like Tanzania, the Philipines and Montenegro…BUT they’re not empty shoeboxes and they don’t have shoes in. They have little things in like colours and a notepad for girls or a toy car or balls for boys. We send these because otherwise these children might not get a Christmas present. When we have packed the boxes the rotary club people collect them and send them off.

Reported by Shalamar Picton

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Class Charters


Our class charters were looked at by the school council, although some people may not have seen them yet so now is your chance!! 

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Habitat Campaign

Members of Year 4 have been thinking about how they could inform other people about how to look after habitats in our local environment and around the world. They have learnt lots about habitats in their recent topic as ‘Habitat Hunters’. They all decided how they wanted to share their important messages. Some children chose to make posters, some made little books, some made Powerpoints, some made a video. They would like to share some of their messages with you…

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Litter pickers on the loose!

This week School Council and the Womble Team worked with a lady called Christine who came to do some litter picking with them. She was here to help them in their mission to keep the playground tidy and litter free (one of our Eco School targets). She supports the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign and is passionate about making sure our environment is clean (Article 24 in the UNCRC). She showed us how to stay safe when picking up litter and she brought gloves, tabbards and special bags to use. Everyone had fun and the playground was a cleaner place afterwards! Thank you Christine, we hope to see you again.

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Keep Britain Tidy!

One pupil’s mum at Fairfields Primary School is part of a very important company called Keep Britain Tidy. The Green Team (part of school council), Mrs Tucker and Mrs Davis are going to have a meeting with her because we are trying to do the same except with our school. We really want to support it becuase we like the idea. We will let you know how we are getting on with keeping our school tidy very soon!

                                         I HOPE YOU ARE KEEPING BRITAIN TIDY!

Posted by Abigail (a school coucillor)

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Year 3 trip to QMC

On Wednesday 3rd October 2012 year 3 went to QMC to find out about light and shadows.

We did 4 different activities:

1)      Made 3D shadow glasses- with these we could see shadows in 3D

2)      We made shadow portraits of ourselves

3)      We looked through periscopes to find things that were hidden

4)      We looked at how the shadows change through the day by putting a penguin in front of the light.

 My favourite activity was the 3D glasses because we could see everything in 3D. It was a really fun trip.

This week we are going to visit the Willis museum to find out about Basingstoke in the past.

Reported by Keon Cox  

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Class Charter Competition

About class charters and who won!

The whole school had a chance to design their class charter and to do a competition and see whose was the best!

What is a class charter?

A class charter is where the whole class decides on some rights that they think are most important (from the UNCRC). The children also think about what the adults and children will need to do so that every child will get those rights. This is different for each class so that their class charter works for them and its quite hard to think of rights to put on but the most obvious right is…

That we have a right to an education.

 All of the class charters around the school were quite amazing really but the school councillors only chose one of them and I bet your wondering whose it was..well we can reveal it was  class ………………… 4R!


Reported by:

Shalamar Picton class 4T

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