Hi guys i’m in blogging club!!!!

Hey guys, my name is Reuben and, I’m a new blogger. I’ve been in blogging club before (in year 3!!!) so I am kind of new to this but i am good at writing blogs, not particularly long blogs always but good quality blogs.

I am 10 (11 in May!) and I am a very creative writer and usually concentrate very hard. I am in year 6 making me have lots of fun trips and rewards (effortometer) and I have a few things I will do: Osmington bay :), effortometer (a chart where if you behave you get moved up to 1 but if your bad you get moved down to 5. I currently have 3/4 ones and I think I can end this week on one too.) rewards and last year they had a Christmas party and a LNAF (late night at Fairfields) where they watched a movie and played hide and seek in the darkened school.

I am very excited as I have only been in year 6 4 weeks and I can’t wait for all the exciting things I can do in year 6. only 2 weeks till’ Osmington bay!!!!!!!!!! The countdown is epic and I can’t wait for year 6 to properly start! Secondary school sounds fun too.

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One thought on “Hi guys i’m in blogging club!!!!

  1. no one will read this but still no offence its rubbish

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